Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Honored New Headliner Andrew Dice Clay With Memorabilia Case

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino welcomed Andrew Dice Clay to his new home at Vinyl with a memorabilia case dedication. Several of Clay’s iconic leather jackets were unveiled in a memorabilia case, which will be on display throughout the famous comedian’s residency. At the event, Paul Davis, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Vice President of Entertainment, and Jody Lake, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Chief Operating Officer, gave a few words to welcome the performer to his new home. Next, Lake introduced the legendary comic to an extremely enthusiastic crowd. Photo: Pat Gray-Erik Kabik Photography

Andrew Dice Clay Memorabilia Case Hard Rock

Pat Gray-Erik Kabik Photography

“This is our first-ever comedian residency,” said Lake, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s COO, “so we’re very excited about having Andrew Dice Clay at Vinyl.”

Following his introduction, Clay explained the importance of each piece of clothing in the case, talked about his new residency at Vinyl and posed for photos in front of his iconic jackets. Among the clothing was a zebra print jacket the bold entertainer wore during his last and most famous MTV appearance in which he was banned for life; a jacket with red, yellow and orange flames from his “40 Too Long” album; a black and leopard print leather coat, which was worn during his live performance at Benden Byrne Arena in New Jersey, his fastest sellout show; and more.

“I’m very excited to be at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, because it’s the rock ‘n’ roll hotel and I’m the rock ‘n’ roll comedian,” said Clay.

Later he added, “There was only one Elvis as the ‘King of Rock’ and there is only one Andrew Dice Clay.”

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One thought on “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Honored New Headliner Andrew Dice Clay With Memorabilia Case

  1. saw him at the riv in nov 2012 -very dingy room -show was late and he did about 35 minutes because the girl that opened before him went on and on -hope he does better and has a better room to work -its sad how the riv has gone downhill over the last few years

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