El Cortez Hotel Las Vegas Named To The National Register Of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) named El Cortez Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as one of the cultural resources worthy of preservation.
El Cortez exterior
“We are thrilled to become one of the beloved properties across the nation recognized on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. Our hotel represents not only the treasured memories of our city’s history but also embraces the future of downtown,” executive vice president of El Cortez Hotel & Casino Alex Epstein said.

In 1941, El Cortez was recognized to be the downtown Las Vegas premier hotel/casino. The popularity of the hotel/casino helped in strengthening the economic development of the city. During this time, various owners also helped define the city as it began as an international entertainment capital. When the establishment of new resorts in the Las Vegas Strip, which happened after the installation of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign in 1959, the popularity of the downtown had eclipsed. The famous sign was also named to NHRP in 2009.

However, resurgence was witnessed by the tourists and locals in the recent years with the hotel renovations and different attractions including the Freemont Street Experience, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts and the Mob Museum. While El Cortez maintained the vintage and historic culture, it has supported the downtown area’s growth with its constant presence.

Originally, the design of El Cortez is a Spanish Colonial Revival. In 1952, it was remodeled and modernized while a marquee and a rooftop signage were added. It is the only establishment that has continued operation under its original name and one of the oldest establishments on Fremont Street.

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One thought on “El Cortez Hotel Las Vegas Named To The National Register Of Historic Places

  1. I’m glad to see El Cortez honored in this way. I stayed at the Cabana Suites last year and found it to be a pleasant and inexpensive stay.

    El Cortez has a “feel” that’s different from the other FSE properties — it’s authentic old-school, not recreated old-school. I like the dark colors and layout of the gaming floor and the friendly but laid-back demeanor of the staff.

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